Commercial Conventions and Exhibitions

Perfeição’s network of resources covers almost all Portuguese-speaking countries with reliable partners and marketing teams in local regions. We help governments establish external relations and host business promotional events. We also organize tours to international exhibitions in China and Portuguese-speaking countries for entrepreneurs and industry associations, helping them discover overseas resources.

Case I:

Perfeição assisted a municipal government in Mainland China in hosting a business promotional event in Portugal. Our work included preliminary communications with the trade departments of the Portuguese government and the local industry communities; organizational work during the event, such as arranging accommodation, stage design, translation, and reception; and the follow-up of projects with entrepreneurs after the event.

Case II:

Perfeição hosted a B2B matchmaking meeting for a Brazilian business group in Shanghai, China. We were responsible for helping the purchasing and selling parties understand each other’s needs, holding a lecture on the commodity trading process, organizing on-site investigation and discussion, and facilitating subsequent communications while providing necessary consulting services.