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Translation Center

With trilingual talents in Chinese, English, and Portuguese, Perfeição’s translation center provides translation and interpretation services in various fields to governments and companies alike. Perfeição provides professional services based on clients’ needs, assisting clients in accurately understanding business information, financial reports, contracts, and documents. In addition, Perfeição offers professional services for interpretation, facilitating the negotiation process, helping to seize business opportunities, and solving legal issues promptly.

Our clients include:

Government departments, legislatures, judicial institutions, universities, research institutes, listed companies, large-scale contracting enterprises, media companies, law firms, etc., in Macao, the mainland of China, and Portuguese-speaking countries.


Our Advantages 

Professional Team

Over half of the members of Perfeição, Lda. currently hold a master’s degree, having graduated for the most part in law, economics, and business in domestically and internationally recognized universities, such as Universidade de Coimbra (Portugal), Universidade de Lisboa (Portugal), Universidade Católica Portuguesa (Portugal), Columbia University, University of California in Berkeley, Cornell University, University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, University of Southampton (United Kingdom), Monash University (Australia), Beijing University, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Beijing Foreign Studies University and the University of Macao, among others.

All members of the Portuguese translation team have completed the advanced level exam for foreign speakers, while all members of the English translation team possess internationally recognized English diplomas. Most translators have academic experience in the target country, thus being fully aware of the local history and culture. Its professional context makes it so that the translation is able to retain the original text’s ideas more accurately.


Rich Experience

Perfeição, Ltd is wholly dedicated to providing translation services between chinese, english and portuguese, having provided services to a significant number of public and private institutions with a distinctly positive feedback for the quality of service provided.


Reliable Process 

The translation workflow for Perfeição, Ltd is characterized by its reliability

(1) The translation team analyzes the original text;
(2) The team will select the ideal translator for the text in question;
(3) The first proofreader reviews the text;
(4) The translator edits the text together with the proofreader;
(5) A second proofreader whose mother tongue is the target language performs another review;
(6) The changes are confirmed by a third proofreader who knows both the original and the target language;
(7) The text is delivered.

The standardized process with several steps and rigorous quality control ensures an excellent translation service to our clients.

At the same time, we follow our mission of following through with our commitments, punctuality and confidentiality with every client, dedicating ourselves to providing each and everyone of them a translation service with the best speed and quality.


Translation Services

Accompany On-site Investigations

Business Negotiation

Lawsuit Mediation

Simultaneous Interpretation

Execution of the Translation Services

24-Hour Service

Perfeição, Ltd has three professional
translation teams in total, currently settled in Macao and Beijing (UTC
+08:00), in Portugal (UTC +00:00) and in Brazil (UTC +03:00), which enables it
to provide translation services 24 hours a day and thus ensuring high efficiency.

Translation Service Workflow

A. Analyzing the
original document and the writing style, outlining technical and official terms
so a reference list can be made, and selecting the most able translator for the
work in question.

B. After the
document has been translated, the work will be reviewed for the first time by a
proofreader with perfect understanding of the original and the target language,
to ensure that the meaning of the translation is accurate and that the content
doesn’t show any omission.

C. The proofreader
will inform the translator about any changes that were made to the translation,
making any necessary chances together with him if necessary.

D. After this
process, the proofread text will be delivered to a second proofreader whose mo
ther tongue is the target
language, who is in charge of fine tuning the text and improving the

E. After the
second proofreading mentioned above, the text will be finished by a third
proofreader, in order to confirm the accuracy of the changes.

F. Lastly, the
text will be delivered to the client.

Free Follow-Up

If there are no changes to the original
text, it is possible to request a free adjustment to the translation as many
times as necessary, within reasonable limits, and within 30 days of the
original submission of the text. If there are changes to be made in the
original text, the cost of translation will be charged for the number of words of
every sentence that words were added or changed.

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